Adarsh Science College

It’s like a dream that come true and special acknowledgement to reverend Mr. S M. Saiyad sir who is very keen and kind to offer social service especially in the field of education. India is considered as developing country and presently our government has given spell of development, we personally think that development and education are two surfaces of a coin, will always remain together so if we can educate a person we are indirectly promoting the development.

As India comprises of rural and urban areas and each one focuses on urban areas, there is a little or nil attention towards rural areas it can be evident from the fact that government has announced the list of mega cities which includes urban areas. Majority of our education institute are hailed in urban areas and the rural student has to travel from their local area for higher education, still there are number students do travel on foot for four to five kilometers for primary education. Some one has truly said that if any nation wants to achieve top level position then it has to focus on education of citizens and with the aim of educating people the college was initiated in year 2015 with massive efforts of Saiyad sir, he had tackled number of hurdles for initiating it and one of the key hurdle among it was to receive the affiliation from the university.

We all as a part of institute are indebted to him as at this old age he went first to Sardar Patel University and return with depression but could not loose the hope and applied to Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, due to almighty grace it was pleasing moment for him that he received affiliation from 2015 onwards. After getting affiliation it was tough for him to move ahead as during this stage the college was on paper but next it had to be run in reality without failure.

As it is said that “there is a will there is a way” the college welcomed Ms. Shahenaz Firojbhai Dhensa on 29-06-2015 a first student and the journey began with initiation of regular class from 2 July 2015 at 9:30 hrs. Though the approval was granted late the college could manage to get fourteen students for its first year curriculum under the supervision of Mr. Sanjay Chauhan former principal. On completion of first year Gujarat government reshuffled number of colleges to local university for handy management and the college was recognized by the Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar from year 2016.

In this one year journal there were number of ups and downs but because of the determination of founder it continued till today, presently Dr. Pritesh Parmar (Ph. D. and Post doc) is leading the institute and has achieved the goal to secure distinction of the students enrolled at the college for the year 2016 when university declared F. Y. B.Sc. result 23%. It is an honor too when college could able to get distinction for its four students the highest is 82% out of 50% university result (S.Y. B.Sc. Semester III). It reflects the development and achievement of college in short period and hope it will be continue with the grace of almighty God.

Our Vision

Adarsh Science College has a dynamic vision to provide eminent education which would make knowledge effective especially for rural students, we aspire to encourage them through enriched infrastructure, educational facilities in our campus and excellent education. Along with education we also care about their financial condition by keeping nominal fee structure and subsidized hostel and mess facilities. We make our students for "MOVE TO LEARN AND LEARN TO GET EMPLOYMENT".

Our Mission

Nurture and foster an academic fraternity to cater the emerging needs of the student community in particular and the society at large. Encourage and motivate the students, faculties and researchers to achieve all round excellence and develop Adarsh Science College into a Global centre of excellence in various disciplines.

Experimental facility for physics

Physics laboratory is spaciously built and equipped with modern equipments pertaining to the curriculum. The lab is equipped with sufficient number of instruments in each experiment in order to provide a separate set of instruments to all the students while performing the experiment.

The resources available in the physics laboratory are the following:

  • Spectrometers
  • Measure the wavelength of sodium light
  • e/m by Thompson’s ration
  • Newton's Rings Apparatus
  • Maxwell needle
  • Melde’s experiment
  • Moments of inertia for disc
  • Fly wheel
  • Y by cantilever method
  • Y by bending of beam
  • Torsion Pendulum for Rigidity Modulus measurement
  • Magnetic moment of bar magnet
  • Bar pendulum
  • Different characteristic of transistor
  • Zener diode as voltage regulator
  • PN junction diode
  • Full, Half wave rectifier
  • Measurement of capacitance
  • Series and parallel connection for capacitor and inductance
  • Logic gate circuit kit

Laboratory facility for Microbiology
  • Distillation unit
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Digital incubator
  • Hot air oven
  • Autoclave
  • Microscopes
  • pH meter
  • Refrigerator
  • Digital weight balance
  • Analytical grade chemicals
  • High Quality media/broth powder
Laboratory facility for Chemistry
  • Distillation unit
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Digital incubator
  • Hot air oven
  • Autoclave
  • Microscopes
  • pH meter
  • Refrigerator
  • Digital weight balance
  • Analytical grade chemicals
  • High Quality media/broth powder

Well equipped computer Laboratory
  • Superior Quality Models with Windows 8.0 version
  • Upgraded softwares with high storage and memory power
  • CCTV camera system
  • Separate terminals for each students
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • Licensed anti viral/malware protection
Laboratory facility for Zoology/Botany
  • Specimens
  • Compound Microscopes
  • Display Charts
  • Permanent slides

Infrastructure of College
  • Area: 4.95 acre 2.47 Latitude 72.91 Longitude
  • Boys hostel
  • Girls hostel
  • Staff Quarters
  • Principal Bungalow
  • Play Ground
  • Canteen room
  • Conference room with smart board
  • Specimens
  • Library
  • Dispensary
  • Guest room
  • Laboratories (Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer, Zoology/Botany, English)


  • Muslim Vidhyarthi Pragati Mandal Trust
  • Near Government Hospital,
  • Napa Talpad,
  • Ta:Borsad, Dist:Anand,
  • Gujarat (INDIA)-388560

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